Json Question error

This error is annoying me so i ask here for help:
I have an websource, geting the data from here: http://vgmdb.info/album/73784?format=json

I get this error:

Script-Line    : 31
Command        : json
Parameter 1    : >ON<

Aborted: ERROR(L31/json): expected value, got '<' (60)

the websource line is:

json "ON"

i looked around the internet, and maybe the problem is the json is not correct, but i use several online Json validators and all worked, what could it be?
it was working great until lately.

VGMdb#Search by &Album JSON.src (7.0 KB)

The JSON is valid, but in this case the tag source returns HTML. You can check the actual input data received by Mp3tag via

debugwriteinput "<file path>"

I did some further testing and it seems that the tag source doesn't like the default user agent that is used by Mp3tag. If you add


to the tag-source header, Mp3tag uses its name and version number as user agent, e.g., Mp3tag/3.06a. This should resolve the problem.

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Thank you that solved the problem.

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