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Would love for this to work, hopefully someone can help out!


Any new info on Juno scripts?

If so, any update would be GREATLY appreciated.

Many thanks in advance guys.


Updated src files for Junodownload

  1. Search by Album
  2. Search by Artist + Album

Everything changed from the old script, so I pretty much wrote a brand new one borrowing stuff from my own web sources as well as some from the one posted initially.

It includes all of the features from the old script (cover art download, etc) in addition to scraping album reviews.

I'm posting it as is. It works pretty well so far from the few albums and artists I tried. Feel free to edit it.

EDIT: Fixed a minor typo in the index section. It may have caused it to skip every other album entry when searching under the album name.

junodownload_update_1.zip (3.7 KB)


Thank you!


Junodownload - search not work


Nice to see more scripts kept alive.

Change this:

[SearchBy]=$replace(%album%, ,+)



This line takes care of all that for you.


On closer inspection it seems it's broken. I don't have time right now to look at it but these two releases I tested come back with no tracks. Something broken in your TRACK loop.



Thanks for the tip. Well, they changed more than the TRACK loop. The index loop needs a little reworking. I barely use junodownload, so I don't really keep track with it.


I might have something for tomorrow or the next day. :slight_smile:

I would have use for this sometimes so I don't mind looking at it.


Beat you to it :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, before I forget, the reason I had that $replace(%ALBUM%,' ',+) under the search is that when the "Search By" window pops up, ALBUM "Foo Bar" shows up as "Foo Bar" rather than the expected "Foo+Bar" despite having the "[WordSeperator]=+"

_Junodownload__1_Search_by__Album.src (5.09 KB)

_Junodownload__2_Search_by_Albuma_rtist___Album.src (5.09 KB)


Thanks for taking care of the script!

This is because the word separator char is substituted internally before sending the request to the server :slight_smile:

Kind regards
– Florian


Like Florian said. It's internal.

Just need to mention:


WWW, CATALOG # (with space), UNSYNCEDLYRICS, DATE and MEDIATYPE should be used over those.


The problem is that the more than a few of the one's you listed are non-standard as well: CATALOG #, MEDIATYPE, etc

https://picard.musicbrainz.org/docs/mappings/ (admittedly, musicbrainz picard is off in its own world, but some popular players like Musicbee map to some of Picard's tagging scheme)

Well, that's the beauty of the license of the web source I published, people can do whatever they want with it. The FOO_URL and COMMENT OTHER fields are due to my use of multiple websites for my tagging (multiple website URLs; multiple comments/reviews merged via actions). Also, IMHO UNSYNCEDLYRICS should hold, umm, unsyncedlyrics rather than comments/site adverts/etc. I never felt that DATE should have anything more than the four-digit year, but others might think differently and are free to modify the src file as they see fit. Anyways, this type of discussion is better suited for the WS discussion subforum rather than a thread dedicated to a particular vendor/site.






Script don't work. Please fix it!