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How do I install the script? / Wie installiere ich das Script?

Music type: Dance, Electronic

juno.co.uk_04.zip (3.41 KB)

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excellent, thank you.

works great, I have just one small request :slight_smile:

for the title would it be possible to grab the whole line, ie on this page http://www.juno.co.uk/products/240141-01.htm track 1 would be;

Bass Pressure (original mix) <without the "'s if possible...

instead of just

Bass Pressure

as it is both tracks get renamed the same....

thanks for taking the time to put this together, tis appreciated :smiley:

Ok it's changed.

excellent, have stuck a few pence in the donation box :slight_smile:

doh! I don't think this was there before but I've noticed they now have an option to search downloadable music as well.

as it stands these wouldn't show up and I think the new search path needs to include the show_digital=1;


only trouble then is the track names aren't pulled as the html is different and that's about as far as I can get.

could you take a look please and see if it's possible to pull the names from both the usual pages like the one above;


and a results page for a downloadable track/s like;


with the same source. with the search as it is at the moment you can't locate that second page.

cheers :slight_smile:

I'm hoping someone could take a look at this for me.

I've updated this script from the original as a lot has changed since.

but now I cannot get it to return more that one entry when searching.

I've attached the script as I have it so far and a debug file with more than one search returned, yet as I say, the script only shows the first of these. Probably something to do with the do...while expression.



hmmm 24 downloads and not one reply...

can I get my donation back? :laughing:

Fixed my script :sorcerer:

Thanks Dano. I'm sure everybody else who's grabbed it appreciates it too... :smiley:

thanks !

Please exist any chance for xxx.junodownload.com ??? Love your work big thx!

Why, what's the difference?

Junodownload is more big and contain covers in high resolution 700x700 directly from artist and label's is to digital source mp3, wav; and juno.co.uk (not working plug src) is to Vinyl covers obtain from a simple scanner never the same quality. Sorry for my bad english and thank's in advance.

Up :wink:

Hi guys,

I´ve recently installed this script but I can´t get it to work. I can´t get any results results whatever I type in the search box ? Is there something you have to do to get it to work.

Discogs works fine in most cases but I have some albums in my collection that juno have that aren´t listed on discogs.


Download the script again.

Thx dano,

Working perfect now! :slight_smile:

If I for exampel tag the album "DJ Set Volume 82" I can´t get the correct Artist in the arist column in mp3tag. I get the artist in the title column like this.

  1. Ida Corr - "Ride My Tempo" (Deeper People remix)

Looking into this page, it doesn´t seem to split these to in seperate fields either.


Any suggestion what to do here ? Do I have to type the artist in manually ? :slight_smile:



I haven't implemented this yet in the script, but you can also fix it in another way:
In the Adjust tag information window click on "Utils > Compilation" and enter
%artist% - %title%
to split the title.


My first post here. I use this script a lot! :slight_smile:

But i have a request. Is it possible to add the catalog #?