Just Download Cover Art / Web Drop Target


There are two features I'd like to have that'd let me not have to manage any tags through iTunes.

  1. In 2.34a, there's no way to find and download cover art without overwriting all of your tags with information from the web source. My tags are fine, and look just like I want them. I just want to grab cover art.

  2. Also in 2.34a, the Alt-T dialog doesn't let you drag images from a web browser into it. iTunes lets you do this, and it's extremely convenient. You can just google image search the album cover, then drag it into iTunes. iTunes downloads and adds it behind the scenes (you don't see it downloading). I'd -love- for this feature to be in MP3Tag. The cover art square in the Alt-T dialog could be the drop target.

In order to make it even more convenient to figure out which files need cover art, it'd also be nice if there were a way to display a column in the main display that indicated whether cover art is embedded. It'd be even nicer if I could work out a way to only display files that do not have cover art embedded.

  1. You can find scripts that only import covers here:

  2. I've tried it a bit, sometimes it works, and sometimes not.
    You also might upgrade to the latest Version

  3. /t/2532/1


Ah, cool, thanks for pointing me at the right Web Sources. Maybe a couple of this in the default install would be nice.

I'll give the web drag thing another shot. It didn't work from Firefox, I don't believe, but I'll poke around a bit more.


So a little playing with the web drop determined this. You can drag from Internet Explorer (Avant, Netcaptor, any of the IE shells) -if- you drag an embedded picture that is not also a link.

In contrast, iTunes lets you drag a picture that is a link, at least from Firefox...nice if you just want a thumbnail instead of what it links to.

Also, dragging from Firefox didn't work at all. I can live with only being able to drag an end target, but I'd -really- like FF support. I try not to use IE if I can possibly help it.


I don't know how the Apple guys did this, but I'm always getting filenames to the %TEMP% folder which are not available when I'm trying to read the file (since Firefox uses not the real files as cache).

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~ Florian


I've found a solution for this and implemented the improved drag'n'drop support with the current Development Build.

Hope you'll like it :slight_smile:

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~ Florian


You're my hero...thanks much!


Whoops. Not working for me on 2.34h.

Any particular way I have to set up Firefox for this to work, or do I need to wait for 2.34i?


Maybe you're trying to dnd GIF images instead of the supported formats JPG, JPEG or PNG.

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Nope. Tried jpg (which is what I was adding before), jpeg, and png, including your own avatar picture. No dice.

If you want to add something to the debug output that logs what the dropinfo is, I can log it. Otherwise, not sure what the problem is. My Firefox is installed in the usual place, and keeps its cache in the usual place. Everything's American English-language, if that makes a difference.

Just to make it clear, I'm displaying the image in Firefox by following Google Images links until it's only displaying that image as http://foo.com/image.jpg (though I've also tried with embedded img srcs and image anchors as well). I'm left-click dragging from the picture to MP3Tag. I get the valid drop target cursor when I drag over the image placeholder in the Alt-T dialog. However, nothing registers when I drop.



Mmm, that's odd. I'll try to investigate further ... I've already worked one and a half day on this feature so I want it to be working now :slight_smile: (it's some crazy OLE, clipboard and COM interfaces stuff).

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Local drag&drop is also broken for me.


Nah ... okay. I'll have a look at it.


Blah, OLE/COM. FWIW, Notepad's implementation seems to basically work with Firefox and IE--you get the image data pasted into Notepad with either. I know the source code for Notepad is readily available, so you might be able to tweak your implementation from there.

G'luck, and thanks for all the work on this.



Thanks, but I've found a way to fix this issue and the next version will (hopefully) act as a working drop traget from web browsers (and for local files).

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~ Florian


This should work now with the latest release.

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~ Florian