Just How Do You CLOSE Topics?

Just how do you CLOSE Topics?

can't find ANY option/function to do this

You can mark topics as solved and they'll close after a month of no replies.


yea, yes, i know, dear Florian, but, myself, i find it very untidy and confusing to have all these topics cluttering up the list when they they have been finished or resolved already.

As a participant in this forum I appreciate feedback about the suggested solutions. The easiest way is to mark a post as solution as that will be shown immediately under the initial description. So other users (who hopefully nourish on the huge amount of knowledge already accumulated in the forum) do not have to read through the whole thread to find the solution.
Also, the "solution" states that there is a solution and the disussion on this particular topic can be closed.
So IMHO it is good practice to give the feedback that there is a solution and also to search the forum for similar problems, preferably those threads with a solution.
That is why I think that threads should remain open until a solution has found or to make clear that the initial question could not be solved (for whatever reason).

You can list open and unsolved topics using search, e.g.,


And I think you can participate in keeping the latest posts list uncluttered by marking your solved posts as such and by using the search feature more often.

well, of course, they stay open until there are Resolved OR if it just gets too hard

but then the poster could give even this a feedback. Just leaving topics unresolved is not very friendly for other users who might stumble across the thread and also I think that participants in the thread, who invested time and effort, would like to get an answer.

... not sure if we are at cross-puposes, but i mean it must often happen that there is NO "Resolutiuon/Solution", so it just needs Closing.

I see that you asked the question about closing a thread in this discussion:

I think that the problem has not been solved for you as you then started a new thread on a very similar topic:

in both cases you did not give the feedback whether the problem was solved or not - and the question how to close that thread lets me fear that you intend to leave the thread as unsolved as it is.

Additionally, unsolved threads encourage other users to add their comments with the goal to find a solution. So if you simply abandon a thread without the final statement, then I would say that you wasted the time and effort of these users.