Just upgraded from 2.43 to 2.45 and problems...


I've been using mp3tag for some time, and 2.43 has been fine. I've been used to right clicking on a directory or directory structure and selecting mp3tag from the context menu.

Tonight I upgraded from 2.43 to 2.45 without any mishap. Tried the right click on a directory containing mp3 files on my NAS and the normal "reading 12 out of 20" etc message came up to indicate the directory was being read. But nothing then displayed by mp3tag. I copied the directory to my c drive just to ensure nothing to do with NAS and same thing happens.

And the answer is, I think, that Filter (F3) defaulted to ON, so I turned it off, and everything looks ok now.

So, it may be that anyone who upgrades to 2.45 should look to the bottom of the screen when they've selected files to process but none appear, to see if the filter is on by default...