just want cover art added

adding tags works great. however adding cover art is almost impossible. i have a really hard time because the process replaces my title information with erronious titles. you see i capture from records edit and usually resize the song because there is extra leadin. this product works great for adding tags but if i try to add cover art i am taking a big chance because it will incorrectly replace all the song titles.

so here is the questions. can i find or develop a file of just cover art and have it add art to a bunch of songs without messing up the song titles? now that would be real cool.

you see i don't always organize my collections by album. i just would like to add some generic cover art.

The default web sources already supply links to amazon.de and amazon.com only to supply coverart - you have to use the submenu covers, though.
I do not know what you consider to be "generic cover art"....

If you need to save only the album art when using any of the tag sources in Mp3tag, once you've selected the correct album and display the information about that album from the source, you do have the option to just right-click on the album art displayed and choose "Save to Tag". This will update only the album art and not affect any other tags in the files that you have selected.

I use Album Art Downloader as a free tool within Mp3tag, and it works great. It pulls from many more sources than what is available in the Mp3tag menu. Once you install it, go to Options > Tools to configure it. Here are some links that should guide you in the right direction.

Album Art Downloader

Mp3tag Tools Help

Once you select a song and right-click on it, go to Tools and you should see the tools entry you created within options that will send whatever data you need to search for the album art that you are looking for. Once you select the desired art and save it, you can then select the entire album in MP3Tag and load the album art into all of the songs you selected, and then save. This will only update the album art in those songs without affecting any other tags.

thanks lonelon. i think you solved this problem for me. :rolleyes:

Doesn’t work. <_< I’m running v2.50. lets see. I select one or more songs. I pull down “tag sources” > cover art > amazon.com. it finds “time passages” from album title. I hit next. It selects al stewart. I hit next. Then the cover art is displayed. I right click on the cover art for the option as you suggested and it really makes no difference. what really matters is there are two boxes at the bottom of the “adjust tag information” showing what it is going to replace. When the left box is empty then I can apply the art without clobbering my titles. When the left box contains title information then it will mess up my files. Sometimes I can get the left box to be empty but have not figured that one out yet. Think it has something to do with the data contained on amazon which is expecting the songs to be there which they are not or in a different order.

The importing of cover only, without changing existing tag-values, using websource "Cover Art#Amazon.com", works for me ... see pictures ...


I am not quite sure what you are doing.

not IT but YOU should select the right entry. If the first one happens to be correct, then you are lucky.

In that dialogue box you do not have to click on anything else but the OK or Cancel button.
If you see the left box filled with data then you have not used
Web Sources >Covers >Amazon.com
Web sources>amazon.com
which is the dialogue for tag search (which also supplies the cover). In the latter dialogue you have to but the tracks into the correct order.