Keep Action and Action (Quick) Menu items always enabled

Hello all.

I wanted to check out the new features of the Actions Menu of Version 3.03 today, and noticed an odd behavior of the menu.

When no file is selected in the program, all menu items of the Actions Menu are disabled.
So, it is not possible to view or edit the actions immediately.

I suggest to let the Action and Action (Quick) menu entries be always enabled.

Keep up the good work!


I agree with you that it should not be necessary to load and select a single file into MP3tag to be able to edit action groups.
Here you put together various actions to lead to a certain result. It is not possible to test the various steps until you have finished editing. This action or action group is saved for later and repeated use.

That is why I disagree with you to always enable the items in the Actions (Quick) menu (and toolbar button).
The action from the Actions (Quick) menu is executed at once. There is not other action that can be added to a group. The parameters for this action are not stored for later use, so there would be no point to create an Action (quick) in advance.
so it is +1 for the Actions but -1 for the Actions (Quick) from me.

Ah yes. Of course you are right in regards to the Action (Quick) entry. I missed this detail, as I'm not using the Quick entry often.

I think that "Actions (quick)" has its special virtues for one-offs of the actions of the type "Replace" and "Guess value". "Replace" has been improved recently as ti remembers the last set of parameters.
"Format value" and "Replace with regular expression" is nicely handled by "Convert>Tag-Tag" with the preview.