Keep last two digits on current filenames

Hi All,

This is my 1st post so please be gentle :slight_smile:
After some search I've found MP3TAG !
This program is awesome ! It does what I want and I am very happy with it.
The problem I'm having is that some of my files have JD at the end.
This means that "John Doe" checked the files and renamed it so it's not checked again.
I've been asked to keep those last two digits for the current ones but don't know how.
Can someone explain to me if it's possible?
Many thanks in advance.

If you want to use the function Convert>Tag-Filename and add a "JD" at the end after the field contents, then you are free to do it, e.g.
$num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %title% - JD
is just fine.
Or what is your problem?

%title% $regexp(%_filename%,'.+(.{2}$)',$1)

1-05 Animal Rights (OM).mp3" ->
Animal Rights (OM) M).mp3"

That works for any string.


But if it's only JD then:
%title% $regexp(%_filename%,'.+\s(JD)$',$1)

Or case insensitive
%title% $regexp(%_filename%,'(?i).+\s(jd)$',$1)

Do you mean ? ...
... to work on the filename ...
... like 'This is a filename - JD'
... like 'This is a filename (JD)'
... like 'This is a filename.JD'

Do you mean ? ...
... digits (0123456789) ...
... or a string of characters (like 'JD')

Do you mean ? ...
... to keep ... or to remove the appended text

Please give an example string.