Keep moov atom at end of file after editing with mp3tag

Hey Florian,

Was wondering if there was any way to set mp3tag to leave the moov atom at the end of an mp4 file after tags have been added/edited instead of mooving it to the top of the file

Regards, Nick

Hi Nick,

this is not exposed as a configuration setting. Any specific reason why you're asking?

Main reason being if I wish to change any metadata through a hex editor it makes life really easy as any adjustment to the size of the moov atom if it comes BEFORE the mdat atom will throw off all the trak positions and break the file. If the moov atom is AFTER mdat then these size changes dont matter :slight_smile:

Well, yet again for streaming (DLNA, etc) purposes, it would be better to have it at the beggining of the file.

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I am aware of this, Iā€™m just stating there are cases where I will be editing the size of the moov atom and life becomes a whole lot easier if this is at the end of the file.

Some files will be better with it at the end and others with it at the front, there are benefits to both. I was just asking if this was a feature and if not could possibly be a feature at some point