< keep >, more options in Extended Tags?

When you highlight two tracks for instance, tags which don't match will get the "< keep >" placeholder. However, over in the Tag Panel, the title might say "< keep >" but if you click the dropdown, you're prodived with four different options. "< keep >", "< delete >", "(Track Title 1)", "(Track Title 2)" which is a great little feature that can be useful. For instance, if a program ruins your tags on only part of an album, you can highlight them all and use the dropdown to select the correct album title from the intact files and apply it to all the files without needing to type it out.

This isn't the case for the Extended Tags panel however, as your only options in editing the field is bringing up the edit box and then being forced to manually type it in. This could lead to errors in the tag if you perhaps mis-spell the title slightly, etc, ruining your correct tags and also incorrectly correcting the bad ones. Haha.

So I'm curious if there is a way of implementing a similar feature in the Extended Tags panel, as opposed to having to create custom entries in the Tag Panel for some of the less used tags that may benefit from this.

The only way I can think of implementing it without interrupting the ability to manually edit the fields (via double click, or the "Edit field..." button) is perhaps a Right Click menu. Currently, right clicking on a tag in this panel does nothing. Would it be able to take advantage of this action, and then perhaps provide a menu with the four values (working with the previously stated example of two files)?

Figured it could perhaps be displayed something like:

√  < keep >
   < delete>
-------------- <-- Line splitting Default/highlighted tracks added values
   Value 1
   Value 2

Where the "checkmark" would be next to the selected value.

Thinking about it... the checkmark wouldn't really be needed, except if it's set to Keep or Delete, or something... I don't know. Not a whole lot of thought went into this, haha. The only real downside I could see to this is the performance if someone highlighted 100+ tracks, each with their own value... then tried to right click. Hm...

The big difference between the Tag Panel and Extended Tags dialog that may make this difficult is that the Tag Panel offers a combination drop-down box and single line text edit field, while the Extended Tags dialog allows multi-line editing.

What I find myself sometimes doing is using a combination of the Tag Panel, the File List and Extended Tags to accomplish manual edits (most of what I do is through Action Groups). Each interface is different and so are the capabilities of each. In a sense, that's good. The Tag Panel is easy and allows you to edit multiple files at the same time, the File List allows you to easily edit tags in individual files, and the Extended dialog lets you edit fields you may not have displayed in the other two, and it lets you edit multi-line fields like comments and lyrics.