Keep selection after clearing filter?

Hello. I often find a specific file in my large collection by entering a filter in the filter bar, then selecting the file in the main window. Once I've located the file, I'd like to keep that file selected and return to the list of the entire collection. But when I clear the filter, my selection disappears and the list jumps back to the top, so that I can no longer find the file I had selected.

Is there a way I can find a file without using the filter bar? Or is there a way I can have Mp3tag remember the selection after I clear the filter?

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There seems to be no predefined way in the Mp3tag interactive view ...
for lugging the selection state of listview entries ...
from the [F3] Filter view ... back into the main listview ...
when closing the [F3] Filter view.

There seem to exist requirements in the work with media files, ...
which would profit from such a feature, which can keep the selection state, ...
and I give a plea for this.
Maybe such a function can be put onto the key [Shift+F3], ...
when leaving the Filter view.


Great idea! Or a Find function so that we could bypass the Filter altogether. Ctrl+F would be a logical choice - except that F3, the standard Find Again key, is already used by the Filter...

I see a problem or no real benefit depending on the number of loaded files to filtered files.
Lets say I've got so many files loaded that you have to scroll the files list several times to go from end to end.
I filter so that some 5 files match the filter.
I select them all.
I release the filter (F3).
What now?
Should all the files still be highlighted?
Should they appear in the correctly sorted list (even though their position might have changed due to modifications while in filter mode)
How do I jump from one of the previously filtered (and highlighted) files to the next?

What I could think of as positioning aid would be some kind of "Search" to jump to a certain position or a "goto" function that lets you address a certain line in the files list (while in filter mode, an indication of the original position in the unfiltered list would be nice).

But then again: all these can be emulated with the filter...

Yes, the selection state from within the [F3] Filter view should be transferred into the main listview, ...
so that the previously selected file/s can be located within the current environment of surrounding other files in the main listview.
Or the selected files can be moved as a group to top or bottom of the main listview.


Note: The interactive "Filter" is Mp3tag's interactive "Find" function.


Just to get a round concept:
How would you jump from one highlighted entry to the next - they could be scattered over the long list.
If you use the arrow keys, you would either select the entry above the first selected file (up-cursor) or the one below the last selected file (down-cursor). If you mouse-click, the selection would be lost.

If you put the selected files as a block somewhere in the list (but with the immediate focus on them), we are back at the initial problem: if you now do something to the list, like apply a different sorting criterion - should the selection be kept?

Doing so as always ... Mouse scrolling ... [Ctrl]+[CursorUp] ... [Ctrl]+[CursorDown].
There is no need for further change in user behaviour.


<<What I could think of as positioning aid would be some kind of "Search" to jump to a certain position or a "goto" function that lets you address a certain line in the files list (while in filter mode, an indication of the original position in the unfiltered list would be nice).>>

That's what's needed. A Search or Find function.

<<QUOTE (Lestrad @ Sep 15 2015, 13:32) *
... Or a Find function so that we could bypass the Filter altogether. ...

Note: The interactive "Filter" is Mp3tag's interactive "Find" function.>>

A filter and a Find function are NOT the same thing. By nature a filter finds a group of files. By nature a Find function finds one file - or a series of files, but one at a time. Your "Note" puts the finger on the problem, which is that there is no Search/Find function as such.

The problem or quirk I see with a "find" function:

As soon as you have filtered you see directly how many hits you will get.
Whereas a simple "Search" could lead to tedious clicking because you have thousands of files to go through to reach the file in question.

Right now I was just about to say: you need both: the filter to reduce the amount of possible data and then the "Find" to jump through that list.

But the longer I think about it - that's rubbish (IMHO): if I want to find tracks with a particular string in them, I simply add that expression to the filter and have the reduced list right in front of me.
And if I want to return to the previous list, I simply delete the last expression.
So for the main task of MP3tag - to do bulk editing - the filter approach has all the functions necessary.

Okay, so I use a filter to find a single file. But that leaves me with the problem this thread is about: when I clear the filter, I lose the file I found and selected.

Yes, working with a single file is just an extreme case as working with 120,000 files (example).
Why would I want to return to a single file in a long list?
If I found it originally because it lacks some data, then after the editing it probably does not misses that any more. It could even be that right now it is sorted to a completely different position than before - so what benefit would I have from a return to that file?
If I find that this file was typical for some kind of error, then I would filter for all the files that have this error and correct it.
I wouldn't need the file afterwards.
If I need such a file as indicator how far I have progressed in a long list, then (again, I hate to repeat that) a filter perhaps on the modification date would show me how far I still have to go.
Filtering together with (hierarchical) sorting should give me a much quicker overview than the Find function and keeping the selection.
(Although I have to admit, that it would not hurt)

Simply because it's the file you're interested in, for any of a million reasons.

All I know is that for me, for what I do with Mp3Tag, it's a pain in the ass to find a specific file and then not be able to look at it within the full list.

I'll start a new thread in the form of a poll to see how many users of Mp3Tag want a Find function.

You can help yourself by a method, which uses a helper column, ...
and which requires that the files are writable.

  1. In Mp3tag listview create a column ... (for example) ...
Name : * Value : %*% Field : * Sort by: Numeric:
  1. While in filtered state, fill the field "" with some character, for example ''.
    You may create two helper actions: ...
    one action to set the value, and one action to remove the value.

  2. While in unfiltered state look at the column "*" to detect previously marked list entries.


Great workaround, thanks. But wouldn't it be simpler if there were a Find command? And I'm not too fond of the idea of writing to a file just to be able to find it again.