Keep tags with web sources (AMG)


I'm using the AMG script. The trouble is I want to keep my genre tags and all other fields, while adding only style and mood. I don't need Publisher tags either, so would I use on all publisher tags even though I don't have or want the field? Also, is there a way to select or block entire columns?

For freedb you can Apply to column from the right-click menu, but I can't do this with the AMG script. It would be nice to have a checkbox or something that would write selected tags.

One final question: Can I put styles info from AMG in the Genre tag by editting the .src file (changing genre's outputto with no characters + making style outputto Genre)?

like so


The AMG post only has two attachments, and does not include "Only extended infos: ("

Is there a link where I can download it? I searched everywhere...