Keep Version up to date


When I launch 2.37a it keeps telling me that it has been a long time since this program came out do you want to go to the website and get and update. I click on the red X in the upper right, message still comes back, I click on the OK box it proceedswith the program, but when I go to launch it again the message keeps on appearing. What can I do to stop that message from coming back every time I launch the program?


Sorry this is a (now resolved) bug. It is not intended to show this message more than one time.
But I don't know if there is a way other than upgrading to 2.38 to make it stop.


Thank you for the quick reply! I am a bit scared to upgrade to the most recent version. I just learned 2.37a for some basic tasks to use with WMP 10. I then load the mp3's on to my Sansa e280. I don't do anything fancy or advanced, will 2.38 give me any problems or is it pretty much bug free?


It should be bugfree since it's not a development build.