"Keep" - what does this mean ?

Hi gentlemen,

When I select some of my album songs, and right click and choose extended tags, some of the
tags say "KEEP" , can somebody please tell me what this means ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Very easy.

If you have several songs with different content of the same tag selected, the individual tags are not shown and get kept if you click on OK.

Hi Andy,

I just tried it again, - how come when I select ONLY 1 song, it has this listed ?
"KEEP" ?

I could see that if I have many selected it would be like you say below, but how come this also happens with only 1 song selected ?

Puh, I don't know - strange behaviour. <_<

I tried to reproduce this (ID3v1-2,4, APE) but nothing.

I have never seen this before - wait for the professionals here.

Can you please post a screenshot?