Keeping columns in focus after updating fields in panel

Some background:

I use many custom fields when tagging classical music. To see some of the columns, I need to scroll 4 windows horizontally even with mp3tag in a full-screen window at 1600x1200. For tagging, I often my own Web Sources scripts for grabbing the very rich metadata available on CDUniverse, but this is often on a per/work basis not a per track (movement) basis. So I highlight the first track in each work on a CD before invoking my CDUniverse script, and then have to manually copy the metadata to the remaining movements in that work.

Many of the field values I need to copy are way to the right in the initial columns view. I position the column into view by scrolling right, then highlight all tracks in the work, and copy the values using the drop-down selection in the tag panel. Then CTRL-S to save the updates, and I move on to the next work to repeat.

The problem:

Most - but not all - times I do this, after CTRL-S the columns view resets to the left-most column, and I need to rescroll the columns view to the right to find the fields that need updating. It seemed to me that in earlier versions (I don't remember when) the columns view would stay positioned as I'd selecting without resetting.

I did switch to Vista from XP 5 months ago, and it is possible that that is when I started noticing the changed behaviour.

Whatever the reason, I'd love to have the old behaviour back -- columns view that doesn't scroll on its own.


This seems to be Vista-only because I can't reproduce this on my development machine that runs XP.

I'll have a look at this.

I've just tried that on Vista and was not able to reproduce the described behaviour. Can you give step-by-step instructions?