Keyboard layout mismatch

Hi there,
I'm using v2.95 with german language.
Since yesterday my keyboard layout has switched only inside mp3tag to an other country.
Outside mp3tag it's still german.
Maybe I've pressted any wrong key(-comination) by mistake, but I can't find out, how to switch back.
Has anybody an idea?
Greetings VoBo63

How do you know that you have another keyboard layout?
MP3tag takes the keyboard input that the OS forwards. So check the Windows task bar and what it says about the used keyboard. It should say DE in your case.

hello ohrenkino,
some keys are switched like y-z and some special keys.
That, what makes me wonder, is that this only appears in mp3tag.
Here, in chrome browser, notepad, and any other app, everything is as usual.
Language setting is still german.
I just realised, that I didn't restart mp3tag yet.
I'll try and than report, what happened.

Restarting mp3tag solved the problem.
But it's still strange, that this could happen.

Various hotkeys like Windows-Space or Shift-Left Alt step through the language selection.
Also in the Windows Settings>Typing you may allow to use different languages per application.
So perhaps it was this user input.

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