keyboard shortcut for cover art

Hi all,

I can do most things very fast with the keyboard in mp3tag, a big exception is the "cover art" feature for which I haven't found a shortcut yet (FAQ and search did not help).
Am I overlooking sth or is there simply no shortcut?

Another problem is the limitation to 3 cover sources, a lot of covers (e.g. french, italian) are thus impossible to find. Would it be difficult to include a user defined web site list in "Tools-Options" or simply add a few of the major amazon sites to the existing list? Here again a shortcut for the favorite source would greatly help.

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You can get more cover search scripts from
/t/1681/1 and

If you want a keyboard shortcut for a script rename the .src file and add an ampersand before your desired shortcut character:

&Cover Art#Amazon.&com.src

Then you can press ALT+S, C, C
(ALT+S depends on your language in Mp3tag)

Cover Art_Amazon.&com.src
makes it only ALT+S, C

or with a number
&1 Cover

I see, I've got a lot to learn. So let's go ...

Thanks a lot for your prompt answer.