Keyboard Shortcut Opens MP3Tag: Want to Refresh View Upon Opening

I have a keyboard shortcut to open MP3Tag [CTRL-ALT+M]; I want to refresh the view automatically upon opening with this key command. Within MP3Tag I'm referring to View/Refresh (F5). When I open with the keyboard shortcut now, it shows whatever was there before even though the filenames changed, or the previously tagged MP3 files have moved away to another location since last used. Is this already possible by adding something to the command line in the shortcut properties? If so, what is the correct syntax? (Something equivalent to saying, "run Mp3tag.exe and then press F5.") I suppose I could make a macro including sending the F5 key command and make a shortcut to that, but that could be a little klunky.

MP3Tag is usually already open in the background or minimized, and I'm just bringing it to the forefront with the keyboard shortcut. When I do that I need to View/Refresh. If MP3Tag is not already running, it does refresh the view when opening as new, but takes longer to start, so I let it run in the background, in fact, it starts when Windows starts just for that reason.


Mp3tag needs less than 2 seconds to start up manually here. If it takes longer, this is due to the files that have to be loaded in the start folder.

This is actually not possible. But you can
"run Mp3tag.exe and then load a specific folder"

If you have all your music in one folder (and his subfolders) you could "refresh" it this way.
The commandline option is:
Mp3tag.exe /fp:"full-qualified path to directory"
(Don't use the "" within a batch file, only as direct command in a cmd window)

Thank you; good to know. The cover art folder currently has 67 .JPG files, and it's sub-folder has 1,266 older files, but the sub-directories box in Options/Directories is not checked. (I only go to the sub-directory when necessary.)

I tried this in the Shortcut command line:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe /fp:"F:\SkyDrive\MP3 - Edit\Cover Art"

Windows said it was not a valid path, even though that is the path. I tried playing around with the placement of the quotation marks. Sorry, my programming skills are about nil. :upside_down_face: I only know just enough to be dangerous.

This was accepted by Windows in the Shortcut command line:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" /fp:F:\SkyDrive\MP3 - Edit\Cover Art

...but it still didn't refresh the view if MP3Tag is already running in the background, which is what I'm trying to accomplish. If I close the program and start fresh, then it opens refreshed, of course, so adding the extra info to the command line doesn't really do anything that won't happen anyway if the program is closed rather than running in the background. It's not a super big deal; I just thought if I could, then I would. I guess if I can press [CTRL-ALT+M], I can also expend the extra effort and press [F5].

Sorry, I have misinterpreted your title question.
I tought you ask how to refresh DURING opening Mp3tag, not how to refresh AFTER opening Mp3tag and externally changing files and folders.

Mp3tag does not watch the loaded files and folders for external changes.

The "" are only necessary for /fp: in a CMD window where you type such a command manually.
You don't need them in a batch file and don't need them in a Shortcut target.

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