Kudos to ohrenkino

you Squire have the patience of Job .

I would also note that many here , myself included are in way over our heads when it comes to scripting .

even the FAQ's are written in a language that escapes .

what is really needed is a dummies guide to mp3tag .

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He's helped me more times than I can remember.

I like the idea of a dummies guide. You're right about the FAQ's. :laughing: I'm sure they make sense to anyone with any kind of coding or programming training, but to a simple guy like me, I need wikipedia open to find out what every element of a single FAQ means!

I know exactly what ohrenkino will say: "a little bit of research/reading the FAQ's never hurt anyone", And he's right - but, like I said, with no coding/scripting/programming knowledge, it can get overwhelming very quickly...

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Thank you all, sincerely.
I started as a novice user with MP3tag in 2009 - and all I know today comes more or less from the contributions in this forum.
That is why I try to recycle as much knowledge as possible - that is why I link the FAQs and other threads if similar solutions exist.
I have the hope that most users go through a steep but rewarding learning curve and that from a bumpy start onwards during which the forum guides them, they become more an more confident and finally dare to share their knowledge.

Concerning that beginner's guide ... did you know that there is a "First steps" page in the help?
This page encourages the users to try things.
And once you have done something you know much better if you wanted it that way or not. And then you can ask a good question here in the forum will probably get an answer that you can link with your own ideas - and this kind of feedback plus your own "anchor points" are the steps that make up the learning process.
And yes, MP3tag is a program that has to be learned and does not everything at a click of button.
I hope you all stay with MP3tag, get a routine and find something new every time you use it.