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hello guys,

while using mp3tag&rename, i was able to edit such tags as label & catalog number. can't find them in mp3tag. pressed Alt+T & tried to add new tag, but didn't find them in the Field drop-down menu. does mp3tag&rename creates these fields itself & they do not exist elsewhere that in mp3tag&rename? can this tags be edited with Mp3tag?

if these tags exist not only in mp3tag&rename, but in files themselves, then how can appropriate columns be added? what are the value & field? tried %label% - no success.

thanks in advance.

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Just tag a file with Tag & Rename and look for the special tags via [Alt+T]. Make sure, that you're reading the same tag format with Mp3tag that Tag & Rename was writing.

~ Florian



thanks for quick response.

that's exactly, what i did. the problem is that i am unable to find neither label, nor catalog number tags in the Field drop-down menu of the Edit tag info window.

can you please explain, how? :rolleyes:

i don't need to edit tags written in mp3tag&rename, i just need the ability to do it via mp3tag.


If Tag&Rename is writing ID3v2 tags, make sure you activate reading of ID3v2 tags in MP3Tag. Simply press [CTRL+O] in MP3Tag and switch to Tags -> Mpeg on the left tree-view. Check the box "ID3v2" for reading.
After that, select a file you tagged with Tag&Rename and press [ALT+T]. The new dialog will show you all ID3v2 fields read by MP3Tag.


2Sebastian Mares:

ID3v2 was set to read as well as to write & remove.

looked through all the fields available & still didn't find them.

anyway, i think i've resolved my issue.

i have installed mp3tag&rename & added label & catalog number to files i am using for testing. then i went to Mp3tag, selected that files, pressed Alt+T & found out the following:

label = publisher. i am stupid :slight_smile:

catalog number = comment. that's how mp3tag&rename works. it just adds "Catalog Number: <what i put in mp3tag&rename>" in the comment field. therefore, catalog number tag doesn't exist at all.

thank you all for you help!

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Funny - I've just installed Tag&Rename to check how these fields are stored and came to the same conclusions :slight_smile:

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~ Florian