Label Catalogue

Hey guys,

so i'm currently tagging a lot of music with different labels (espacially when it comes to electronic music), but many of them have pretty long names. Is it possible to have/create some kind of catalogue like the genres (where the specific genre-name pops up after the first few letters)? It would save a lot of time for me!


You would have to build the catalogue yourself.

You could (mis-)use the function "Convert>Tag-Tag" for that.
Select as field LABEL
then enter the name of the label into the format string box.
As this dialogue has a log, it will show already used names with an incremental search.

Yet, it might be quicker, to tag the tracks album by album as usually one album is only released by one label at a time.

It seems to work, but i doubt that it's a timesaver, as i always have to open the "Tag-Tag"-window.

As i mentioned, i mostly tag (and listen to) electronic music (espacially trance, house, etc.). So there tend to be "albums" with about 1-3 tracks most of the time, which makes it pretty annoying to always write the whole label/publisher-tag down.

I hope you understand what my problem is :wink:

The main problem ist that whereas GENREs are standardized in the ID3 standard, the name of a label is not. (e.g. see - although a German site you will recognize the genres).
I would say there are ten-thousands of labels worldwide and so it would be impossible to maintain a central list.
What you could do is to create an input box in the tag panel for Label. There you can input the name once and save it for all selected files.
Also, you could use that input box to supply the master name if you select one file that already has the correct label name and the others that should get it as new data. There you can select the Label name as a template from the dropdown list.

There is a keyboard shortcut to open the tag-tag-converter: Alt-5

I don't quite understand what you mean with an "input box".
But so far, the shortcut with Alt-5 works quite well, even if it isn't perfect.

Thanks so far! ...and i'm german too. :smiley:

//edit: Isn't there any kind of possibility to create some kind of a "local" label-database, e.g. by creating a .txt-file, containing the names - even if i had to put them in there myself? Something like that would be cool :slight_smile:

Try this. Create an Action called Label#Sony. It would be a Format value Action with Field: PUBLISHER and Format string: Sony.

Then create one for each of the common labels that you use, Label#Atlantic, etc.

Then when you click on Actions you can go down to Label and there will be a drop down box with all of the labels. Click on a label and it will update the field immediately.

In Tools>Options>Tag-Panel
(German: (Extras>Optionen>Tag-Panel)

you may add input boxes for fields that are not displayed by default. So you may add one for LABEL.
This behaves then just in the way as an input box for ARTIST would: The drop-down list shows the entries form all files for the ARTIST field. YOu can now select one or type in a new one and then save it to all selected files.
So as for LABEL: If you have that input box added then select all the files that come from one label plus one that already has the correct label name, you can select that label name from the drop-down list and do not have to retype it.
The drawback: the drop-down list does not supply any other names than the ones already present in the selection.

Just a different idea: you could think of abbreviations for label names - just as you wanted to use when you type in a GENRE.
You only store these abbreviations in the field LABEL.
And then you let loose an action that replaces the abbreviations with the real names. THis action can be saved for future use. So you have your minimized input and the unified label name.