I like to add publisher tag to my files, i can add Publisher and Label field in tag panel.
I think Publisher is standard tag, but what does Label stands for?



I'm not sure where you can see the "Label field in the tag panel" or if you added yourself, but according to the ID3 Standard website they are just the same.


"TPUB" is the field called "PUBLISHER" in Mp3Tag

Hope it helps


tnx Chosco

If you go to Tools > Options > Tag Panel > Add Field
There is PUBLISHER and LABEL field to be added.

That's why i wasn't sure they are the same thing


I have version 2.40 and it doesn't show the option to add the LABEL field. It's weird. Maybe it was a field for other format/standard. But since in the latest version there is only the PUBLISHER field I'd suggest you to upgrade.

Anyway, I only checked the meaning of the TPUB frame (which is the one associated to the PUBLISHER field) in the ID3v2.3 specification. Maybe in other versions of the ID3 or even in other standards (such as APE) there is something more which could be called "LABEL". I really don't know.


I'm using 2.4 too, just forgot to update my profile.
I checked that maybe i didn't made custom LABEL field myself, and forgot about it, but no LABEL is still there :slight_smile:
Now, it's not so much of a problem as i'm really curious how you can't see it, i don't think it's tag format related because add field option is general setting of the program.

Maybe Florian will come to enlighten us


Sorry, I'm having trouble understanding your writing (I'm from Argentina, so probably that's the reason :laughing: ). I don't understand if you were the one who created or not the LABEL field, and even more: I don't understand if you have or not the LABEL field created at all.

When I said that "maybe it was a field for other format/standard" I referred to this:
Anyway, at first I thought it was a FIELD associated to a frame in other standard (rather than ID3v2.3) or format (rather than mp3) as your profile said you had an old version of Mp3tag. But now you say you have the latest version, I'm more confused.

Maybe you should try to contact Florian or Dano.


Don't panic. :smiley: This list of tag fields at the tag panel or at "Extended tags" is a dynamic list that can be changed by the user if he enters a new tag field. Maybe maeda created a LABEL tag at the extended tag dialog or it was once there by default in an old Mp3tag version.
But now on a complete new Mp3tag installation there should be no LABEL entry, but you can add it any time if you ever wanted to.


Yes, that's what I meant. :smiley:


yes i can confirm that upon clean install LABEL field is gone
Must have been from the old version.

sorry for any confusion <_<