Lag when selecting tracks

Mp3tag version: 2.54
Windows 8
Intel i5

Mp3tag lags when selecting tracks (Click and hold left mouse button and drag to select the tracks)
*Not freeze, it's like fps drop

This always occurs if my tags have long Japanese words.
Long English and Chinese words are not so lag for me. (well a bit)

Hope that Mp3tag can improve on this.

Thank you!

Where do you perform this action?
If I select a file the way you describe it in the files list then the single file gets dragged.

Sorry, you misunderstood what am I about to say.

This is a video that shows what I mean.

To be honest, I could hardly see a difference - perhaps that is a problem with the display of videos on my machine ...
Or it could be a problem with Windows 8 in general: while the media center on w7 can show my library without problems, the media center on W8 crashes and restarts ... same program, different OS, though.

Well, I have windows 7 before this, but the same problem persists.

You could try full screen when seeing the YouTube video. and also HD would help too.
You would notice that the "blue box" doesn't follow the mouse in time. it "lags".

Or you could try yourself, 30+ song with moderate long Japanese tags[title,filename,album,etc.](show it in the column) and try to select it.
The lag will be noticeable.