Lame filter position problem

I have this permanent problem since some update a couple of months before: every time I open Mp3tag, the filter search box is placed under the toolbar. So every time, to save precious space while working, I have to move it to the right side of my toolbar. But after I close Mp3tg it does not remember it position


Does this happen only at a certain position or at any position?

It happens when the filter is on the right side of toolbar [in the same line]. I always gets bumped below it, the next time I open the Mp3tag

And [as I tested now] when it is on the left of toolbar, then it is moved above it

But when it is floating freely [as a separate window] then the position is remembered very well

Also placing it on the left but below a tag panel, or on the right next to the main window [with the list of files], shows no problem of remembering the position

It is also worth mentioning that I have Winamp docked as a thin toolbar at the top of the screen; and there was a bug with that some time ago, that was fixed [very long list of actions exceeding the height of a screen was displayed improperly]. But I did also those test with Winamp closed and they came out the same [so it not the fault of my Winamp]

So: is it a bug?

I don't know. That's the way it is.
It does not happen if you swap positions of filter and toolbar.

I did a test

I uninstalled Mp3tag and removed its folder from Program Files [because there was still config in there]

Then I installed versions 2.61a, pressed F3 to show the filter box and pleced it on the right side of icons. The filter stayed there after closing and reopening of Mp3tag

Then I installed versions:

  • 2.66
  • 2.69
  • 2.70
  • 2.71
  • 2.72
  • 2.73
    without touching the settings. And eery time the newer version still remembered the placement of the filter box

But at the end, with 2.73, I've restored my old settings by coping the files. And now the filter behaves like before- it can't remember being on the right side

And from what you are saying, you also have some [bug] setting that makes that

And I as remember, that bug originally happened to me something like 3 months ago

ERGO: this is a bug?

If this is a bug, should I report it in the bug section; writing down the same stuff?

Or could this thread be moved there?

And here is this problem in the bug section: /t/17863/1