Language Song


I use MP3Tag hugely but I have to go through another handler to complete some tags not supported by your program (Language, Lyrics etc.)

There he has a éolution planned on adding the missing tags or do I find another tag manager?

Thank you in advance

See the help for the supported tags:
You will find that lyrics and language are already among them.

I do not see anywhere the field "Language" yet. (it is an exemple)

Could you explain to me how to add the language field?

To add a field as an extra column, right-click on any column header in the files list and select Columns...
In the next dialogue click on the New button
Enter a column heading e.g.
in the field Value enter the field name or select from the list opened with the arrow button - in this case %language%
In the field Field enter the name of the target field - in this case %language%

You can do the same for any other field, e.g. UNSYNCEDLYRICS.
You may also append the tag panel. Check Tools>Options>Tag Panel>New for this.

Tank you for helping :slight_smile: