Language tag and windows media player

First of all i apologize if what i am posting is already been posted. In my defense i did not find it.

I am a new user and I have tagged some of my songs in what language they are and when i check WMP (version 12.0.9600.17031) it is not showing.

I used the following based on
Created a new tag Name: Language, Value = %language%, and Field = %language%
also tride it with Name: Language, Value = %TLAN%, and Field = %TLAN%

in both cases it did not work.

Any help will be appreciated.

thank you in advance

FYI this is the best tool so far i found that works as it advertised. wish it did photo too.

That what you describe looks to me as though you have defined a new column in the files list.
This does not mean that you have any values in the fields only that any values that might be present in the language field would be displayed there.
Or, as you have set the field, anything you enter in that column would be stored in the field LANGUAGE.
Do not use TLAN - that is the internal name and would lead to text field of the name TLAN.

Now, for you to get something into a LANGUAGE field:
Open the Extended Tags dialogue (Alt-T).
Click on the New button.
Select the field LANGUAGE from the dropdown list
Enter a language token (e.g. eng for ENglish or deu for German)
Press OK in each dialogue to save the changes.
The column with the field LANGUAGE should now show whatever you entered for the file.

ohrenkino thank you for your post
i did that and i see the language have a value (eng, rus, and so on). but it is not showing up in Windows Media player language filed. that is the problem i am having.

Perhaps you can try it the other way round for a test file:
Create a column that should show the language.
Enter "eng" for English - just as a test
This should get converted to en-GB.
Now open the same file in MP3tag and see in the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) in which field the data has landed and what it looks like.
Also: WMP does not always see changes straight away. If the modifications concern files that are not in the list of the watched folders, then you will not see an update.
To force an update:
delete the files from WMP (only the library)
Use Extras>Enhanced>Restore deleted elements to immediately get the deleted entries back. THis forces WMP to re-read the tags.

ohrenkino again thank you and your suggestion works updating WMP and see the update take place in mp3tag.

one more question, is there a language naming standard? i ask because as in your example, when you type eng it converts to en-GB. if their is one can you provide me the link to find that information.

Again thank you so much for taking the time to assist me.

Actually, there is one. It's ISO 639.
Here is an explanation in wikipedia:
and there is even the list of codes:

As always my 100% appreciation for your support and sharing of knowledge.

Now my mp3 cleaning will be completed.