Large wav file id3 cannot be edited

Hi, I have a Wav file (24 bit 192 Khz) size 3.2 Gb (45 minutes of meditation music). I cannot edit the 1d3 tag. Perhaps a too big file?

Regards, @b

How do you know that you cannot edit the tag?
Please describe what you did, what you expected and what you got.

The file has no tags, so I tried to add the name, tittel of the album and the composer, year, genre etc. When I do and click save nothing happens. When I close and reopen Mp3Tag all added information is not saved.

Probably, the file has to be rewritten to add the tag data.
This can take a while, esp. with such a large file.

OK I'll try again and wait :wink:

Oh dear, getting an error:

The file can't be written. Retry does not help. I checked if there is any lock on the file. That is not the case. I restarted my laptop.

You don't have to look for a solution now. I will look again next monday. So no hurry :wink: Happy Easter!
(if you want ik vcan send you the file, it's free audio)
Regards, @b

That would be nice, please do

Where can I send the audio file to Ohrenkino? Using WeTransfer for instance? I don't see an upload possibillity in this forum.

yes, any odd file exchange server.
You can send me the link via PM, if you feel uncomfortable otherwise.

How can I send you a PM Ohrenkino?

Hi Ohrenkino. Uploading the file is no longer nessasery. The mystery is solved. There was an error in the file. I cut of some seconds at the end of the recording I downloaded as a free gift-file from in Adobe Audition. After that action I could add id3 information without any problem. Thanks for your time. The issue in this community can be closed. Regards, @b