Larger Box to edit Lyrics

I am just going thru some my favourite operas to add lyrics.

The tiny edit-box does'nt make that a particularly easy job as I often have to enter more than just a 4-line-verse. :innocent:

Would it be possible to enlarge the edit-box for editing Lyrics? May be there is something like this already and I just dont find it?

Many thanks

It's resizable! :smiley: You can grab at the lower right/left corner and resize it to a comfortable size.

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Embarrassing,... thanks that helps. :blush:

Is there a way to navigate from one track to the next with that lyrics box staying open? That would ease things up considerably as well.

Unfortunately not, but I understand the suggestion and how it would improve navigation.

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If you could take that suggestion up a for a future version, would be much appreciated.

I now need to to paste lyrics for each track into the lyrics box >> save and close the lyrics box >> close the extended tag box >> move to the next track, repeat the entire procedure 40 to 60 times for all tracks of the opera.... :grimacing:

If it's only for pasting the lyrics, you could also add this as a field to the Tag Panel via Preferences → Tag Panel and UNSYNCEDLYRICS (it will be single-line, though) and use ⌥⌘ ↓ to save and navigate to the next file without loosing focus.

Most of time pasting is only the first step, I then need to edit the pasted text, correct line breaks, etc. etc....

I actually had the LYRICS tag in the Panel and noticed I could only ever edit the first line, so I took it off again and use the track browser

Having multi-line fields for the Tag Panel is also on my loooong list :smiley:


Why not edit them in a document editor first, then copy/paste into mp3tag?