Last Change Folder/Add Folder not in synch

One real annoyance I've had to bear with using MP3TAG is that the application separately remembers the last location for "Change Folder" and "Add Folder".

To illustrate, lets suppose there is a folder with 5 sub folders named A,B,C,D, and E. Each of those folders have 5 sub folders in them named 001 - 005.
I open MP3TAG, and use the Change Folder option to open the 001 folder in folder "A". I then use the Add Folder option to add folder 002 from folder "A". I do some work and then used the Change Folder option again to change to folder 002 in Folder "C". I then want to add folder 003 from folder "C" before working on the files, so I click the Add Folder option again. Instead of remembering that the last location I browsed for a folder in was folder 002 in folder "C", the application remembers the last folder I was in using the Add Folder option and the window opens to folder 002 in folder "A" again.

The work flow for the application would be much more user friendly if the application only stored one last location for the two options. If Change Folder is used, the location selected should be the starting location the next time either Change Folder of Add Folder is used. Likewise if Add Folder is used, the location selected should be the starting point the next time either Add Folder or Change Folder is used.

Does everyone agree this would work better than independently remembering the last location for each function?

Hmm, on a quick test I could not detect any weird behaviour when using the dialogs "Change directory..." and "Add directory...".
Both user dialogs are based on the same internal system dialog, and this system dialog remembers only the last one folder, which has been selected by the user.
So the underlying system dialog presents only the last one used folder entry, whether the user dialog "Change directory..." or the user dialog "Add directory..." has been invoked.
Tested on Win XP.


I am using Windows 7. I wonder if it only works this way for users of Vista and later versions of Windows?