Last Folder in Windows 10?

Upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 and now MP3Tag won't remember the last folder I worked in, even though I'm using my same old saved configuration file I used in Win7. So I guess it must be something to do with 10...? Now any time I go to change folders, it defaults to the drive letter, whereas before it would open the parent folder of the subfolders I was editing. Any suggestions?

I think it has to do with MP3tag's ability to write the configuration file.
So you should check how many files with the name mp3tag.cfg you find on your computer and who the owner is. It should be the same user-id that runs MP3tag.
And see which file actually is used to store the configuration.
Claim ownership and try MP3tag again.

I uninstalled and deleted everything, saved a new config file, but the problem remains. I have "Subdirectories" and "Start from this directory" checked under the Directories options, no favorite directory picked - same as I've always done - and every time I choose Change Directory it still takes me back to the drive letter. Hopefully a light bulb will go off and I'll think of something obvious I've missed. :wink:

You should not tick this option if you do not actually have a favourite directory. If you leave the string for the start directory empty then you start at the top folder - which is the current drive.

Sorry, there's been some miscommunication here, which is my own fault because I described this all poorly - I'm a bit brain dead from dealing with all the problems I've been dealing with after the Win 10 upgrade. I really don't need to change my favorites directory, because that really only affects what directory MP3Tag opens to after closing. I guess I had that on my mind because at first I was thinking I might have some option wrong in MP3Tag and those were the only directory options available. But the real issue is that I just want to see the parent directory I was working in when I choose to "Change directory" under the file menu, so I have immediate access to those subfolders and files again. This is down to Windows 10, not MP3Tag. I realized this after the brain-fog had cleared, duh. When I worked in 7, those folders would automatically be opened for view in the tree beneath the drive letter, but now under 10 I have to click through all the tree menus to get back to whatever folder I was working in - they don't open automatically. So I just need to find whatever option there is to get that behavior back. Thanks

Okay, turns out all I had to do was enable the "Expand to open folder" view option. Something so simple, but I don't remember ever having to enable that option before on previous Windows versions. But maybe I did and just don't remember. Thanks again.

This opttion exists since Windows 7. So you are not quite right about previous versions.