Last letter in tags are missing


I have a problem with the tagging of my huge MP3 collection in MP3tag. For some artists the program removes the last letter in the Title, Album, Genre and Artist name. It doesn't look good when AC-DC is called AC-D and Hells Bells is truncated to Hells Bell and the Genre is Roc.

The error appears when using the convert function: Write Tag from File Name.

I have attached a screenshot for illustration.

Do you have a solution?



Can you send me one of these mysterious files?

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~ Florian


Was there a resolution to this problem?


Nope. The last letters were simply missing in the files and I think this was because of the Unicode ID3v2 tags Mp3tag wrote were changed by a non-Unicode app.

If you have the same problem and your tags are correctly displayed by Mp3tag but not in some other programs, just enable Always write ISO-8859-1 tags instead of UTF-16 at Options > Tags > Mpeg.

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~ Florian


Thanks; a request - please provide a [default] button in Options so that your default options can be restored. Some of us play around with the settings, but cannot remember what the default values are :wink:


dreamz just wrote me that he's also using WizeTech Advanced MP3 Catalog Pro and after some testing I figured that this app doesn't support Unicode and truncates the last character from the tag fields.

I've attached two images. The first one shows some ID3v2 tags encoded with UTF-16 (note that the last char is not displayed in AMC). On the second image, the tags of track 2 were saved with the ISO-8859-1 option enabled and are displayed fine in AMC.

Can someone please make it stop? I never thought that there are so many broken apps out there.

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~ Florian


Thanks Florian. It's a first class support you are providing. Thumbs Up!