Latest multi-art sources

Ok, so i've been busy getting the best sites for cover art together and building a source for them to get the front, back, inlay, cd, etc....Below are the descriptions of each:

::: All sources yield larger than 600x600 and some even average a 850x850 size. I have shortened the dash length to make it look nicer and added some comments and credits inside the source for those interested in the code.
::: I have made all the sources with the ability to preview when selected on the "artist and album" in the selection box. Some are dynamic when you hover over the front link or when you click a button which drops down a preview. Others were easier and go directly to a site displaying the covers for that particular album.
::: Some sources will display the artist and album without the coma separation because the source either didn't have a finite way of organizing artist/album notation or the notation it used was intermitent so as to not be completely succinct.

You will find a lot of popular covers from this site. They have mostly 900x900 and MUCH greater scans - i've seen up to 3000 pixels. The larger the filesize of the scans, the greater the possibility it will time out or if the site is under heavy load. When this happens just search it again and hit the preview button while selected on the cover. Keep in mind this happens very rarely.

Only metal albums and artists from this site. They have a lot, but not all. As I am a big metal fan, there are some artists that are scarce to find covers for. They have mostly 700x700 and greater scans.

It is exactly as it sounds with a great variety of front,back, and cd. It is rare to search this source and not find all three covers. It is not possible to specify their genre range as I have found metal artists as well as pop artists through this source. They have mostly 700x700 and greater scans. Though i've seen an average of 900x900 and greater scans.

Alltogether this is just a great forum to search in general. I would suggest anyone to register here since it's a free community and there are lots of great covers for just about ANYthing. 700x700 and greater scans and it's very rare to see just front and back - it will usually at LEAST have 3 covers to choose from, front/back/cd or front/back/inlay, etc.... There is a quick search it has, which is not unlike Microsoft's OS Vista search function. It's very neat. Anyway, this site is much like It has a load of different kinds of genre's since it's community based. The naming scheme it uses for artists and albums is either a dash or nothing, so when displaying the artist and album, I simply just captured that entire line. The other problem is that it will return a result regardless if it's the correct one or not since it searches by keyword rather whole string, so make sure you look carefully at the displayed artist and album before you download the art.

[] A.K.A. []
This will usually have some covers the others don't which is why I included it. It's sort of a fail safe and even then it doesn't always come through, but the quality is there at no less than 700x700 scans with a good selection of front and back and sometimes with cd or inlay. It has an average output of 900x900 or greater from my experience. Even as a fail safe, I would still recommend getting it since the quality is so high.

Ok, now I would suggest only downloading this one if you REALLY want to stretch finding a cover for something. The quality is very wishy washy from 200x200 up to 700x700. You never know what you're going to get. Not only that, but the pictures links sometimes have spaces in them, so when mp3tag fetches them, it doesn't put the %20 in like a browser, which means it fetches nothing so you have to use the preview button which links to the picture directly so you can right click and save as. Like I said though, you really should only use this one if you're desperate, haha.

In Closing
It's been fun and i'd appreciate any bug info or suggestions with "" to replace the spaces with %20, if there's a command I don't know about, thank you.

The sources in my favorite order :stuck_out_tongue: :
1.) FreeCovers.net__Multicover_.src (1.44 KB)
2.) Allcdcovers.com__Multicover_.src (1.52 KB)
3.) CoverParadise.to__Multicover_.src (1.48 KB)
4.) Darktown.to__Multicover_.src (1.49 KB)
5.) Azcovers.com__Multicover_.src (1.41 KB)
6.) CdCovered.net__Multicover_.src (1.32 KB)

FreeCovers.net__Multicover_.src (1.44 KB)

Darktown.to__Multicover_.src (1.49 KB)

CoverParadise.to__Multicover_.src (1.48 KB)

CdCovered.net__Multicover_.src (1.32 KB)

Azcovers.com__Multicover_.src (1.41 KB)

Allcdcovers.com__Multicover_.src (1.52 KB)

everything is well, but I believe that you forgot , for me is the best and more big. je je je

Nice add.

But how do we use this? What to do with the text file?

  1. Copy it to %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\sources\
  2. Start Mp3tag and click on "Tag Sources" in the menu
  3. Click on [insert the Name of the textfile here]

Hey Eusol, if you notice, alicun IS azcovers. It uses azcovers for its searches. If you goto hover over covers, then click audio, it takes you to

For the sake of people who know alicun but not azcovers I will reference it, thank you for pointing that out.

Thanks for using my sources

Hello Aelux:

Is everything on the contrary, if you investigate the name , you will see that alicun is older, therefore is azcovers that goes to alicun.
In addition alicun has about 5000 more covers.


Howabout this, if you can search alicun and find a cover that azcovers doesn't have, then i'll create a source for alicun. The reason I ask this is because I am still under the impression that azcovers is the same as alicun. Not only do they have the same search functions but they also have the same advertising popups as well. So, if you can find a cover that azcovers doesn't have that alicun DOES have, then i'll be more than happy to create a source for alicun.



Really nice script. But I have a few problems. I use Cover-Paradise and Freecovers and the script shows the correct result, but when I mark the front cover and klick the next button, there is no cover in the box. It only works with the Allcdcovers Script. Do you have an idea?


This is the only one that works ofr me at all as far as finding anything. I think it has something to do with my IE settings as I never use it and have it locked down tight as far as activeX and such. I did try adding the sites to the trusted zone list but still nothing. Would be nice just to get this one working.

Either way it sounds like it's on my end but I'm open to any ideas. Thanks for sharing your work.


(oops. Looks like i got them confused. Allcdcovers actuall IS working for me. It was that was acting that way. Most all the rest just return with "sorry, no entires matched your criteria", almost immediately.)