Leaving tag panel does not automatically save changes

When I enter tag information, all goes well - no problem. However, if I click on the filename in the right hand window, all the tag info I just entered disappears and I have to start all over again. :frowning:
I can duplicate this over and over again. The only way to make sure it doesn't disappear is to make sure you save it while you're in the tag so that you don't lose it.

Depressing. Hopefully in the works for a fix. At least an autosave when clicking off the tag or something.

err , welcome to the world of computers , in any situation once new info is entered it must be saved .

that's life .

You can opt in to automatic saving in the settings. https://help.mp3tag.de/options_tags.html

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But I never leave the file I'm working on. It's not like I choose another file to work with. I'm in the same file, on the tag area writing a description. But if I click outside the tag area, my description and all tag data disappears without warning.

Automatically erasing my data is not how most programs work for me (not sure what programs you use that do this), especially when you never leave the file you're working on.

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Thanks Crissov! I'm not sure what that page you linked to is telling me. Is there a place I add these tags?

I'm happy to read about tags if you point me in the right direction. Thanks again. Autosave would be great.

Oh, that's interesting. Above and beyond with the screen capture, thank you!

I checked the box, but I still have the same issue. Am I doing something wrong?

Here's a video of what I mean.
MP3tag tag disappears when you click filename

And, yes, I know the answer is "Well, don't do it that way". I get that. But the "depressing" part is that when it's 2 AM and I forget, I click off the tag and all my info disappears. Was hoping the autosave would fix that.

I would see the introduction of an autosave feature for the tag panel as a problematic move.
There are so many experienced users who got used to press Ctrl-S or the save button when they work with the tag panel and who might use the current behaviour of getting the old data back if you select another track without saving as a feature.
The way "well, then make it an option" would not really help - what would be the default?
If you set "autosaving" to on, you have the same dilemma as described above.
If you set "autosaving" to off, then the new users will stumble over the behaviour that led to this thread - and MP3tag would more or less behave in the same way as now.
I doubt, that many new users will switch on the autosaving once they got used to the current behaviour.

Here is a thread about more or less the same thing where the idea is to issue at least a warning:

This only happens, if you have only 1 file in the list view and click on this file in a way to edit it. If you have more files and click on another file or click on the same file and on a row that cannot be edited, it will not happen.

BTW I have not activated this feature because I like to manually save. So its just a thing of personal workflow. I very seldom edit manually - mostly only some corrections. The majority of filling the tags happens over web-sources on whole albums.

I wish @Florian would open up the Mp3tag documentation for community contributions like yours.

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Not sure of the solution myself. Thanks for the link, I'll read the other thread.

I will get used to saving as I go, I'm sure. Just seems like it could work better. If not autosave, then a popup window saying "Are you sure you want to lose your data?" or something.

Thanks all for your support. I appreciate it!