Making changes to tags in left panel are lost when using a menu option

eg. making changes to tag via the left panel and not pressing save just yet but using Ctrl+R or Ctrl+K will "silently" lose the changes made.

Yes - and many more interactions like selecting another item in the files list, executing an action or a web source script.
But you can set that changes are saved if the selection moves in File>Options>Tags
so that you don't have to press Ctrl-S

Already got that set ; does nothing :frowning: To be fair it does say arrow keys/single mouse click [and not shortcut keys]! Maybe if focus is lost from the main window, it could also save?

If the main window looses focus then you could never deliberately abort editing without saving...
A shortcut key is also Ctrl-Z to undo - so then you would never be able to undo as the last step would be to save...
Or the functions from the edit menu - I don't think that you have to save beforehand.
I think you have to get used to it.

I am asuming that the reason an implicit save is not performed so much is due to the cost of saving away to (possibly) thousands of files.

Maybe I should have said "Maybe if focus is lost from the main window to an internal dialog that will affect the tag, it should prompt to "Do you want to save changes?" or "You will lose unsaved changes - proceed?" (this could also apply when Exiting the program with unsaved changes).

My beef was with the "Silent" nature of losing the changes that just doesn't happen in other software. For example, open up Notepad and type a few words. Then use Edit -> Replace... this opens a dialog (just like Auto numbering wizard) and could be used to alter the content you have just typed, but more importantly...when the dialog closes your sentence has not disappeared!

Being a programmer too, I like my software to not only be bug-free but also the best it can be and don't mind enhancing it where it isn't too time consuming and the user doesn't fundamentally go against the principles of the program...just saying :slight_smile:

I agree that the silent way is something to get used to.
I think your point is taken, I am not the programmer, let us see what the next versions look like.
(Although I see a problem with the compatibility for old users: which setting should be the default?
On: would annoy old users like me who already know the tag panel behaviour and do not want to be bothered to be informed about something they are used to.
Off: the benefit for new users would be rather small as when they stumble over the tag panel behaviour they would get no message and I doubt that they would then turn to File>Options>Messages and switch the message on - because now they know what will happen ...)

How does that solve the problem of the initial default?

If you add a new function, then there is no setting for it. So you have set something.
It is not enough to say, well then leave all existing installations as they are and all new ones get the new message set to display.
You would have to migrate the old cfg-file to a new version ... and all this for an option that probably the old users will never use.

I know the program will have to provide an initial default (I guess "on" as most features tend not to be defaulted off if you can switch them off yourself - you want the user to know they are there). I meant that being an option means that the user (me) can now control it the behaviour.
And I don't think it is a huge problem if the program defaults it "on" as it will annoy existing users once as they will elect to not show the message again. Unless of course they think "Hey...thats good, I'll keep that on for safety".