Length & bitrate fields don't appear in ONE file

I just moved here from Mediatagger and I love MP3tag!
I have one file, which plays fine in WinAmp and displays properly in Windows Explorer and Mediatagger, but it doesn't display bitrate or length in MP3tag. Attaching screengrabs from both programs, as well as a frhed display of the bytes at the beginning of the file.
Is there a way to 'rescan' a file? Is this information stored as fields in the file, or is it calculated when the file is displayed?
Or did I miss the Community topic of how MP3 tags work anyway?
Clark (Seattle)

I would try:

  1. Foobar >> context menu >> Utilities >> Fix VBR MP3 header
  2. Mp3tag >> cut offf all tags, then paste back all tags
    If not good: Foobar >> context menu >> Utilities >> Rebuild MP3 stream

Thanks for your quick response! I'm just making the move into modern software, so I don't have foobar2000 running yet. But following a thread in this community that sounded like my problem, I was directed to the MP3VAL program. Which absolutely nailed it! MANY of my files are not strictly following the mp3 standards, including the ones that didn't display correctly. Ran the mp3val scan and then the repair, and all better!

Foobar2000 sounds like outstanding software too. Thanks for the pointer!

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Then I would like to draw your intention also to mp3diags which analyzes files for some more peculiarities. This is sometimes a real eye-opener esp. if you have a collection that has gathered files over a long time covering several stages of conversion software.