First off, this program is a God send, so great work!
I have searched this site and read many pages and cannot find exactly what I want:

I'm using v2.36a, which I believe is the latest...

Ultimately I need to be able to include the Length value in the Export function, and see in the tag panel (not as important as being able to include in Export).

When I add tags, (Time or SongLen), close and reopen Mp3tag, there is nothing listed in those added fields on the left-hand side tag panel when I select songs (i.e. - everything else changes accordingly 'Title, Artist, etc...' but nothing appears in the added fields.

I'm assuming that track time (Length) would not export for all tracks either.

Please advise. :w00t:


For the export, just use the field %_length%
You can also look in the help file for more fields.

The tag panel is only meant for tag fields, not technical information.


Beautiful ...thanks!

Brain cramp, but now I know to edit the config files to get results!

I was looking for options in program menu, etc..

Looks great.