LG VX8100 problem reading ID3 tags

I have an LG VX8100 which I'm using as an MP3 player. unlike my previous MP3 player, it uses the ID3 tags for sorting and browsing of the music, so the fact that half of my music collection was missing proper ID3 tags suddenly became painfully obvious.

so I discovered MP3tag and used it to populate all the missing tag information, and that was great. but there is still one hang-up.

when I transfer music to the phone (copying files to the microSD card), most of it comes through perfectly good, all the tag information is seen. but for a few, it doesn't.

for example, I have one particular album, with 10 tracks. 1 track appears on the phone perfectly normal, all tags normal. 3 tracks appear with a ? in front of the the artist's name and the album name. the 6 others show up with Unknown (blank?) as the artist and album. the track name itself comes through good, in both the weird cases, though.

the tags look perfectly normal in MP3tag, but the VX8100 is having issues, so there's still something wrong with the tag.

I tried changing the coding to ISO instead of UTF encoding, but that didn't make a difference.

any ideas what is going on?

thanks for any help.

Maybe your device doesn't support ID3v2 tags at all - do you write them all the time or only when the ID3v1 tag is too small?