Library for tagging WAV files with ID3v2.3 standard

Hello everbody. If it is not a secret I would like to ask what library is used by Mp3Tag for tagging WAV files in ID3v2.3 standard.

I've tried with ffmpeg, mutagen, eyeD3, kid3, id3v2. All of them set ID3 tags but the wav file is not playable on Windows Media Player. It returns error '0xc00d36c4'.

I've searched whole internet without success.

I'm using my own library, nothing official. The issue with WAV is that you'd need to write the ID3v2 tag to an ID3 RIFF chunk, simply writing ID3v2 to WAV is not supported.

Is your library open-sourced or do you know any other library similar to yours ?

No to both questions.

Thank you for the response. I'll keep looking.

Have a nice day.

Maybe you can try TagLib, according to the website it supports WAV and is the library used by most open source programs.

I've tried it but it failed. I will dig more into TagLib. If I will find a solution I will describe it here. Thank you again :slight_smile:

Kid3 is on the list of apps that use this library, so you could try tagging WAV with this app to see if it produces files that play in WMP.