Library - force rebuild

Any way to force rebuild of selected files or folder?

I discovered that if an outside source modifies metadata (i.e. atomicparsley) and file modified date is not changed, MP3Tag shows the data as stored in the library and will not refresh the library with the new data in the file.

You have to refresh thefile-view of the loaded files.
MP3Tag does not refresh them "on the fly".
That has nothing to do with the library.

The library only gets updated during refresh or new load if the timestamp has changed.

I am refreshing the file view (the two circular blue arrows). Tag info does not show updated titles inserted by AtomicParsely (which does not alter modified date). The new titles would not show no matter how many times refreshing file view or exiting and restarting MP3Tag. Not until I turned off library and restarted did the new titles show.

It has everything to do with the library. Library on - doesn't show external updates to titles. Library off - shows external updates to titles. It doesn't get more black and white than that.

Have you actually tried it? Are you saying you can turn on library, build the library, change the metadata outside of Mp3Tag, and get it to somehow re-read from file and not library?

Does your "if" clause apply to just new load or to both new load and refresh? Because I stated in my first post that I wanted a way to force rebuild even if timestamp has not changed.

You did not tell that. I read from your posting that you expected a refresh without manually triggering it.
So I wrote that this is not a difference between "library on" and "library off". External updates on files don't show till you trigger a refresh of the view.

The library depends on a change in the timestamp of a file.
Mp3Tag is a program for tagging files. The library is an added feature to speed up loading files of really large music-libraries and to use less RAM for these large music-libraries. It is not intended to make MP3Tag to a personal database.
If Mp3Tag would look for the content of the files to distinguish if the library has to be updated or not it would counteract the intention of speed loading.

So if you want to change files by external programs and don't want to change the time-stamp or these programs are not able to change the time-stamp you should do this work in a special folder which you don't include in the library or generally turn the library off.

If you made changes to the tags of single files outside of MP3Tag you can refresh the view and the library by putting the cursor on thiese files in the list-view. But that is not a way to make a mass refeshment.

Just for completeness: you can also select all relevant files files and use "File > Read Tag" or [Ctrl+T] to refresh the library data from the file system.

Not sure how you interpreted my post like that. I said "way to force rebuild of selected files or folder". Seems obvious to me that "selected files" indicates a manual operation.

Not at all looking for library to always scan files for changes, just when told specifically to do so.

Thanks for pointing out that selecting file in the list view forces a file read.

Especially thanks to Florian for pointing out Read Tags and ctrl-T. I can now do it in a mass refreshment with ctrl-A for All and ctrl-T for Read Tags, which is about as easy and direct as it gets.