Library not obeying folder settings

The Library seems to be used regardless of my folder settings. For example say I have two directories: dirA and dirB. I configure Mp3Tag to read dirA only. I then open dirB, and the mp3tag.db3 file grows from initial size of around 144k to 50mb or so. I'd expect the DB to only change when reading files in a directory I've configured (dirA).

Am I doing something wrong?

See the comment on the current version 3.02

Something has been changed for the library. So which version do you use?

No, you're not doing anything wrong. Can you check if the Library file shrinks back after you close Mp3tag?

I'm using version 3.02, portable install. The library doesn't shrink when closing the app. One thing that may or may not be a factor is the folders are on a NAS and are linked with an UNC path, similar to this:

\\music\dirA (two slashes at beginning, the forum editor removes one for some reason)

I think maybe the problem has to do with embedded images. When I read an untracked directory with files with no embedded images the library grows but returns to the initial size when hitting "Cleanup" afterwards. If there are embedded images in the files the "Cleanup" function doesn't return to the initial size, indicating that perhaps the embedded images are still being cached even after the cleanup.