Limited CTRL + F search range


I do not know if this depends on personal settings, but please as a sample take a look at this old thread

When I am at the very top of it, I can press CTRL + F and find the
Thank you for this alternative
that is located somewhat in middle of all currently displayed posts - and at the very end of the post 4

But when I scroll down to the very bottom of the whole topi and do the same, that sentence in no longer to be found with CTR + F

I started to take notice of this behavior on this new version of forum only recently, when I was searching for some old info. Not being able to recall what specifically it was that I was looking for, I made several inquiries- but often the information that was shown to me in, was absent when I navigated to that thread I looked for it with the CTRL + F. The fragment presented to me at was only found when I scrolled the view

I am using Firefox 56.0.2 (64-bit). This happens both when I am logged in and logged out of the forum


This is either a browser issue (although it happens with latest Chrome and Safari too) or a bug in Discourse.

I suggest using the Discourse-based in-topic search via the :mag: button for the time being.


Initially my report was to include also the mentioning of [also outdated] version 49.0.2623.112 of Chrome, but when I was checking it once again prior to posting it, that bug somehow did not manifest itself in it