Limiting leading zeroes in BPM

Hi Guys, happy new year and hope you are all well.

I'm finally getting into the swing of MP3tag, but encountered a strange one.

The file "D:\1D\OneDrive\N\PO\2023-01\24kGoldn & Bandmanrill - Checkers (Explicit) - 8B - 00144 BPM 2023.m4a" already exists.
File "D:\1D\OneDrive\N\PO\2023-01\24kGoldn & Bandmanrill - Checkers (Explicit) - 8B - 00144 BPM 2023.m4a" has not been renamed.

The BPM has 2 leading zeroes in it, which I'd like to remove on the rename.

Would I be correct in thinking that.

$num(%BPM%,3) would get me a 080 or 123 BPM, but it's not quite what I want as I'd prefer 80 than 080.

It also removes the BPM from the field, but I can fix that with the rename, but I guess I'd like to do it "properly"

Again many thanks for the help in advance.

Do you have this BPM-Value in the filename only or do you have it in a tag called "tBPM"?
(Or is this only a typo and its real name in ALT + T is shown as BPM?)

Try $num(%bpm%,1) to remove any leading zeros.
(Edit: took the wrong field)

Typo, corrected it's in BPM (or tempo as shown in files / properties )

Then @ohrenkino's advice
will work for you.

I just learned that this $num returns string x interpreted as decimal number, padded with leading zeros from the left up to y digits. So if you only use 1 for y, it can't be filled with additional/leading zeroes.

From the help:

The $num() function serves 2 purposes:

  1. transform the given string to a number
  2. format it to a given number of digits, if necessary with padding zeros. If the formatting parameter is "1" then the number stays as it is.

So, no, this means to output only the numeric part. That is why you also loose the "BPM" string.

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