Link to MP3tag help online version

I think the old forum had a link to the online version of the MP3tag help file.
It can still be entered manually.
I would still like a prefab link, perhaps in the "Hamburger Menu".
Or where do I find it?

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How about making at the top the MP3TAG banner part a link to the online help and the Community part a link to forum?

Well, it has happened recently: we have now the Home and Docs link at the top

However they disappear whenever I scroll down any topic - but do not disappear when scrolling down a list of topics

Yes, I've recently added Home and Docs links to the header band. Those links are currently only visible when accessing the forums via a Desktop browser and not on mobile due to space constraints.

This is also the reason why they are hidden when browsing a topic: the title is then displayed in the header band and would lead to overlaps with the new links for long titles.

I don't see a problem with the links only on the main page.
I mean, you should read the help before you post, don't you.
If a link to the help is necessary, then this should be a deep link right in the post.