List all tag data in column view

I know it’s been asked before and there are scripts/actions/xport/whathaveyou to get close to this but I’ll ask again, if only to raise awareness some more.

Wouldnt it be nice (and really, really helpful) to have column view automatically display every meta data tag associated with any given file? I’m a bit of an anal-retentive structure freak and I want my files to only have the tags I give them. No private tage, no lyrics, no mp, composer, engineer and what not.
Listing all tags easily makes it so much easier to spot, sort and delete them. Extended tags somehow just doesnt cut it the way it is.

Did you know that there is an action that deletes all the fields except the ones that you like to keep?

In this action you enter a list of fieldnames that you want to keep.

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Didnt know and yes, that works superbly.

Still think a proper list view would give more control over the data elimination process but this works for me.

Doesn't Extended Tags does this?