List Artist based on name not prefix - The Cure under C not T

Hi all,

I'm using mp3tag v2.90a to tag audio-files and then copy then onto a Fiio X1 Mk ii player.

Is there a way to have the Fiio X1 list artists with a "The" or other prefix in their name according to the first letter of their name and under the first letter of the prefix, when in category mode on the Fiio?

E.g. in the category Artists, the Fiio will list The Cure under the T of The, not under the C of Cure. Is there a way to have it list under the C?

Thanks in advance.


I don't know anything about this player.
But if it supports the field ALBUMARTISTSORT or ARTISTSORT
then you can copy the contents of the field ALBUMARTIST or ARTIST into the sort-field and then remove the prefix there.

If the player does not support these fields, you would have to manipulate the basic fields.

Thanks ohrenkino,

I do not see those fields in Mp3tag. How can I add them or where can I find them?



You could see these fields in the help:

and then you can add them with an action (see the FAQs: Actions and batch-operations - #15 by Florian)
or enter them manually in ...
... the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T)
... newly created columns (see the help:
... added fields in the tag panel (see the help:

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