List focus jumps to first column after selecting multiple rows

Glad I've asked :smiley: And I've learned a new phrase!

I was using Spy++ to intercept the messages the list control is receiving and noticed some timer messages I was not sending and started intercepting them. The scrolling issue seems to be caused by the list control receiving a WM_TIMER message with the ID 43.

I consider this a really ugly fix and the messages probably have a reason to be there. But so far it has been more annoying with them than without.

I look forward to hear back from @esumsea and @incifinci and if all goes well, I can ship another development build including the fix.

I just started testing. :slight_smile:

Sorry... My downloaded is, still.
3.571,272 bytes
Where can i find

It's linked from here:

Thanks for testing!

I downloaded it, exactly. 3 times. Same size, same properties:
But i continue testing with this.
By the way, is the size OK?
3.571,272 bytes

Yes, I was referring to the of the Mp3tag.exe not the installer executable.

Oh! That is right, thank you.

Sorry... :frowning:
After 5 min, first attempts. Opened 440 files mp3, selected some with Shift and Ctrl (combining); in the Tag panel changed genre to else one, saved with Save button; then Undo (selection is preserved) -- jump to the very left, again.

Next: selecting ~10 files, changed all title to one of them in Tag Panel, saved through the selecting another row -- jumps to the very left.

Next: simply continuing the previous, moving to right, Undo -- jumps to the very left.

Florian, i am really sorry. And of course, thank you for your effort. The machines are different -- if you need any data, I shall be happy to provide it.

By the way, i use Stickies from Zhorn Software, and i did not notice anything.

Okay, that's really unfortunate — I had high hopes after the initial feedback!

One last test: if you scroll to the right and simply select by holding the Shift key down, does it then also jump back to the left as it did before?

Also, which Windows version are you trying this on?

I am still trying, but nothing, no jumping. BUT! For me, that phenomenon came in very rarely. My usual situations are those, written above (save, especially with selecting another row; plus undo).

All in all, it is conceivable, that i am dealing with something else, only the symptom is the same.

Win7ultimate hun 64 bit
6.1.7601 SP 1 build 7601

Hello @incifinci
It seems that your strategy is compounding things and it would be difficult to pinpoint why you do not get the results that you expect.

I would suggest that you do the following which will add a new install of Mp3tag (portable). It will not interfere with what you currently have installed.

  1. Download and run v3.04.2.2. Choose "Portable" when prompted and install in a location that you will remember and not where there are other Mp3tag installs.
  2. Run the Mp3tag that you just installed.
  3. Drag and drop a folder of audio files into Mp3tag. The list should be populated.
  4. Scroll the screen to the far right.
  5. With the mouse, select the first row. Hold the SHIFT key and select rows 3 and 5.
  6. Answer YES if the screen moves its focus to the first (left-most) column, or NO if there is no change in position.

You may close Mp3tag and delete its root folder, if you wish.

I tried the same with a clean (mobile) installation of 3.04a: NO.

@jackpots, thank you for your effort.

Thanks for the tests! It's clearly two different issues showing the same effect.

I've spent the day researching, refactoring, and experimenting regarding the issues @incifinci was describing (jumps related to save and undo) and I'm on a promising track now. More tests are needed, I'll post an update tomorrow.

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The "NO" option is the desired behavior. As far as this bug report, at least 2 see a fix. Good.

I read your other thread and earlier posts here and it seems that you also experience the same "focus shift to first column" after an "Undo" with Tag Panel visible. I don't know if that is the desired behavior, however, I have the same experience when using v3.4.2.2.

@Florian Note that when Tag Panel is not visible, and changes are made via Extended Tags followed by Undo, there is no jump. (I almost never use Tag Panel, takes up too much space.)

I've just uploaded another internal version ( with lots of changes that hopefully address the described issues with scroll after save by click and undo.

I've did some massive restructuring and rewriting and hope that everything else is still working :grimacing: :smiley:


It seems, you did it, Florian. I tried everything difficult on 230 mp3 files; in both of clean mobil and usual (with existing config) setup: no jumps to the left. And i did not notice anything other changed behavior.

Thank you very much.

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A couple days on and a couple on, and no adverse effects.
I did test for incifinci's indicated issues and they seem resolved here as well.

Kudos! :slight_smile:

Many thanks for confirming the fix! Both changes didn't make it into Mp3tag v3.05, but I'll release a new development build with those changes soon.

I wanted to have the changes go through a dedicated testing phase first and at the same time, not delay v3.05 even further :slight_smile:

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This is now fixed with Mp3tag v3.05a. Thanks again for reporting and the testing sessions!

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