List jumps still in v.2.56

Dear fellow users,

I have this problems for a while now, my view jumps after deleting or moving a file. According the release notes it has been fixed since v2.54. So therefore i'm starting to believe that only i do have this problem. Is there anything i've been missing here, is there like a windows thing to solve this?

It really would help solving this. Many thanks already.

Gr bas

I can reproduce some kind of jumping under the following circumstances which has to do with a filter:
Set a filter (e.g. %track% MISSING)
Scroll down at least 1 window height plus 1 line in the file view.
Modify the field that also is part of the filter (e.g. set TRACK to 3) for the file 1page+1line
Delete the next entry - the displayed part of the list jumps up one window height, the previously top entry in the window is now at the bottom or even one line lower.

It is not the same kind of behaviour that has been reported previously and also the reaction of MP3tag is somewhat different but - I have to agree - not yet optimal.