List of Audio & Video Metatags?

i may be misunderstanding how metatags work, but i was interested in finding a lost of all file/audio/video metatags eg excluding the more common HTML Web tags

so here eg we have a variable %year%. now i am thinking that is just an internal MP3Tag name that maps to some external 'root' metatag variable?
so for example i see in some other related apps, they use both different syntax and names eg %date instead of %year%

so what i am looking for is a list of all the file/audio/video meta tag names that these internal tags reference.

or have i misunderstand how this all works?

You find a table of supported metadata in the documentation:

A word on the principle:
As MP3tag supports a number of tag formats and allows to load several different file types and therefore tag type in 1 session, the read data is mapped to an internal representation that you find as YEAR, ORIGYEAR, RELEASETIME, ARTIST etc.
MP3tag then takes care that all the data that you entered via the user interface end up in the right places and the correct identifiers in the files.

Which labels other programs use to display the same data is beyond the controle of MP3tag.

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