List of files disappears when I'm in positions 1-2-3 from the top

Currently on 3.18, 64-bit. I had a list of 27 songs. I was editing titles etc. and was proceeding to add artwork. I started at the bottom and was working my way up the list. When I got to position 3 and clicked on it the whole list, except for #1 disappeared, and that was not selected. Of course this mean I need to reload the entire list of 27. Sometimes, if I load the artwork in #1 first than the list doesn't disappear as I work my way up. A final point, this seems to happen every other build. I can't sure of that fact, however.

What do you mean by "clicked on the whole list"?

When I click on position 3 to add the artwork the entire list, except for position 1, disappeared. Additionally, position 1 was not selected (or active) and I had to click on it to select it.

Sorry, my sentence would have benefited from a comma after click on it.


I still have no clue what you exactly are doing.

If you want to add the same artwork to all of the loaded files, you have to select them all with CTRL-a (or Menue Edit->Select all files). Then click with the right mouse button on the cover field in the tag panel and make your selection ("add" to add covers from a file, "paste" to add covers from the clipboard ). You then have to save the changes.

I first understood your original contribution to mean that you first selected all files from below with the keyboard and pressed the Shift key and the arrow key up. Then you "clicked into the list" (which would have undone the selection with the left button) and the files all but the 1st loaded file simply disappeared? Or do you mean that the selection has been deselected (which would be the normal action with a left mouse button click)?

I just loaded 27 files into MP3tag.
I selected 1 by 1 from the bottom and added for each a picture file from the clipboard.
I reached the top of the list without any changes to the extent of the list, that is: all 27 files were still displayed in the file list.

So, where did I do something different from you?

That is the same process I used. Sometimes I get that result also. Other times when I get up to positions 4 or 3 and click on it, the list disappears except for position 1.

Actually, I haven't got a clue what might be the cause.
Usually the file list gets updated when you apply a filter or press F5 to update.
But never in the middle of editing.

So, just another shot in the dark:
What happens if you go through the list from top to bottom?
Do you edit files locally or in network location?

Something I've tried, plug the artwork into position 1. Then I go back and work my way up the list. That's had mixed results, but usually works.

Could you narrow down that a little more like when everything is OK and when it is not?
Currently, I cannot reproduce it.